How to Wear Matching Couple Beanies

It has become a huge trend for couples to dress up in matching clothes. While not everyone is a fan of this, you have to admit that it definitely looks adorable. If you want to show love and appreciation for your significant other, it maybe time to start dressing in complementary clothing like couple beanies!

Couple beanies don’t have to be exactly alike. While there are still some couples who want to dress matchy-matchy with their clothes or accessories, the more modern way is to complement each other’s style with similar-looking beanies that will look great together – just like you and your partner.

Make the look more subtle and effortless with cool “his and hers” beanies, instead of wearing two beanies that are exactly like.

Here are some tips to pull off this look:

  • When wearing same style beanies, go for complementing colors instead of same colors.
  • Think of a theme to inspire your look – street, cosy, outdoor, etc.
  • Match your beanies to your whole look.
  • Look for statement beanies that have a “his and hers” design.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

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